By way of introduction

J2592x1936-68525“I am because you are.”  That African adage captures the way I introduce myself.  I am a son, brother, friend, husband, father and grandfather.  Take away those relationships and I’m like a lonely asteroid gliding silently through dead space.  All of these precious relationships exert their gravitational pull on my being, keep me in a stable orbit and shape me into the person I have become and am becoming.

Sure, I can give you more information.  My name is Ron Baesler. I once was a North Dakota farm boy, a high school jock and a physics grad student. Then I became a pastor, missionary, seminary professor and teacher.  Always I’ve been a reader, for many years a gardener. Now I’m retired and as of August 2015, an author.

I’ve lived in New Leipzig, Grand Forks and Fargo in North Dakota, St. Paul Minnesota, four different cities in Brazil, San Juan Puerto Rico and Placentia, California.

I love reading, writing and telling stories.  The Christian Story is the story that continues to shape my living and loving.

I savor conversations about books, movies, ideas, spirituality, religions, beliefs, theology and philosophy.  Hopefully this site can be a place where we can explore together life and all of its surprises.