So, now I’m an author

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE HOLY: Stories and Musings From a Lifetime of Ministry

It tookBOOK COVER me thirty seven years to write this book.  Or, more honestly, it took me thirty seven years to experience what I wrote about in these pages.

Writing has always been a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings; a way to see more clearly the life I am living.  These short pieces come from my journal, from my work as preacher and teacher, from letters I sent and from materials prepared for special programs and projects.

In all of these pages I try to share the spiritual struggles that many people, including Christian pastors go through.  I wrestle with meaning, faith, vocation, goodness and evil, the presence and absence of God.  I hope that readers will use these stories to stimulate their own thinking, praying, and wondering about life and God.

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