God’s Rejected King: A Story of Saul

I’ve just published my first novel.  I could call it ‘historical fiction’ but I think a better term for it is ‘a novel based on the biblical account of Israel’s first king.’   I have been working on this book for three years but the questions it raises have been with me for as long as I’ve thought about God, life and faith.

Some who read it may think I am a cynical and perhaps even angry believer.  They would be wrong.  Unlike the protagonist in the novel, I am thankful for the bounty I have received in all dimensions of my life and the ways I believe God has spoken to me in and through others and through his Word.

What I do argue for in my story is the too easy and quick dismissal of Saul as a ‘bad king’.  He was ill-equipped for leadership, blind-sided by God, then punished for not performing.  My sense of justice chafes at the mysterious sovereignty of God.

I realize this novel raises many questions about the nature and character of God. I provide no answers because Saul had no answers.

I am interested in hearing your reactions to GOD’S REJECTED KING: A Story of Saul

My book is available at http://www.amazon.com